Directions to Las Gaviotas

It’s likely you’ll be going through Otay Mesa, or San Ysidro.
Remember that you need Mexican Auto Insurance. You can do this through your own insurance carrier. Let them know if you you aren’t planning to drive any further south than Ensenada, (less than 70 miles) and find out what their limit south for insurance is; they may only need to cover you for liability, with your present comp & collision. Check out Baja Bound – They’re pretty reasonable

You can also buy Mexican Insurance coverage at offices near the border – they’re pretty easy to find, just get off the last US exit before crossing the border.

As you cross the border, a red or green light will be activated. This is done completely randomly. Green means proceed, while if you get a red, you will be directed to a customs-inspection area.

Don’t be nervous. Just wind down your windows and let the officials take a peek. They might want to look inside your trunk or under the seats. This is quite normal. When they are satisfied that you have no guns or drugs in your vehicle, they will wave you through.

After your’e through the border, veer a little to the right and follow the “Rosarito Ensenada” signs. Continue to follow signs that say “Ensenada Rosarito.” You will be traveling west along the US Border Wall towards the beach.

You will go up and down a few hills and make a few turns, (about 6 or 7 miles) just stay on the toll road and follow signs. After passing the “Playas” sign the highway makes a left and will continue south along the coastline. You will soon see the first toll booth, pay the toll about $2.50 (they take American dollars or Mexican pesos, but not a mix ) and continue south.

15 miles from that toll is another toll booth where you will need to pay another US $2.50 ( There is a Pemex gas station in case you need gas cash only or refreshments.) 8 miles later, and you’ll come to an exit that says “Puerto Nuevo/Calafia”. Turn right, so you are heading north, (the way you’ve come from), along the ‘free road’ and drive for about a mile. You will see the White Horse liquor store on the right. Stop and pick up some Corona, lime and tequila (and groceries if you need !). Las Gaviotas is opposite the White Horse, at K-41 ? on left. If you are traveling at night, look for the two 3 foot amber light fixtures at the entrance. Tell the security guards at the gate who you are and where you’re be staying, they’ll direct you to your house.

Also Remember: The left lane is a passing lane on Mexican toll roads. Do not use that lane if you plan on driving slow, they will pull you over and give you a ticket!

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